Bye Bye Uni!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Not long ago, I had my final class of English at university.

Not long ago, I was slaving away at my assignments for hours and hours.

Not long ago, I pressed the submit button; my assignments were handed in and I was finally free.

The first thing I felt was emptiness. My three year course had come to an end. My eighteen years of education had come to an end. No more classes. No more essays. No more compulsory reading. No more ... wait ... what?

You see, whilst working on my final assignments I had expected myself to feel ecstatic and free and happy with a massive smile on my face and I had expected myself to be somewhat like Peter Pan flying in and out of the clouds, laughing with no care in the world.

But I didn't.

Instead, I felt blank.

I woke up and got on with my day doing the usual stuff only to be confused with what the "usual stuff" was. Am I not supposed to read up on Todorov anymore? No more essays? No more studying?  What am I supposed to do with my extra hours now? My mind couldn't register what exactly happened and so I was in a kind of limbo state for the first two weeks after deadlines had passed.

Surely enough, the full extent of what happened slowly began to kick in.  I've finished uni? What? Is that it? OMG!! What? No more essays? What?

And then the joy and bliss kicked in and the OMG! I'VE FINISHED! I'M FREE! WHAT IS THIS?!! WOOOOOOOO!!! feeling kicked in.

I guess the big question now is "What next?" but who knows. I have a couple of things lined up to do over the next year and guess what? Writing and reading is one of them ... there's no question there :D

Till my next post, over and out.